Friday, March 11, 2011

Palin 12' You 'Betcha'

Sarah Palin has no problem making the news, but neither does Lindsay Lohan. Does that necessarily make her a good candidate for the 2012 Presidential election? I sure hope not. “No publicity is bad publicity,” but seriously I think we can make an exception for Palin. Sarah Palin has consistently been making the news ever since the 2008 election, but only a portion of it has been political. When she isn’t hyping up her new joke of a reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which will probably have the same intelligence level as Jersey Shore, we have to put up with her failure of a daughter prancing around on Dancing with the Stars.

The worst part is it’s not over. We may have to suffer seeing her face and hearing her irritating voice throughout the 2012 election. Honestly, they need a “Palin filter” on TV’s. It’s hard to take her seriously when her voice sounds like something out of a cartoon. I’d rather have a root canal then suffer through one of her mindless speeches.

That’s right, pathetically enough Sarah Palin may still be a top Republican candidate for the 2012 election. Palin told ABC she was “seriously considering running for President” and also said she believes she can beat President Obama in 2012. Palin said, “I’m looking at the lay of the land now,” which I am guessing isn’t too hard for her since her view consists of nothing more than flat plains of snow all the way to Russia.

If Sarah Palin runs, does she actually have a shot? I highly doubt it. Sarah Palin has had countless shots over the past two years to show the American people that she is worthy enough for a nomination. But time and again she has proven that she is more concerned about being a clown for amusement on television, than a leader for our country.
Matthew Singer


  1. Which do American voters want as President--clowns who make simple-minded jokes about complex problems or deliberate thinkers who need to listen to diverse opinions before helping solve problems? I'm not convinced our young voters have the patience or knowledge of public issues to make wise choices. Tell me if I am wrong.

  2. Politicians are turning into celebrities anymore. Sarah Palin is the perfect example of this. She is known more for her controversial statements and actions than she is for her political "prowess". But because she puts herself out there so much, she gets more publicity than politicians that SHOULD be getting publicity. This is truly a reflection of what our country really cares about.

  3. I agree completely with this post. However, I think your argument could have been made stronger if you focused more on the logic, or huge gap where it should be, that she presents in the media. I think you critique some of her characteristics should not have a political influence. I would not base my presidential election ballot on a candidate's voice, personally.

    Also, I agree with com300. Some of the response to President Obama's work is a good example of this impatience. These days, people expect things instantly, yet this is a good way for politicians to make major mistakes on pertinent issues.

  4. I totally agree with you on her "very distracting" voice! standing on Demosthenes' perspective, I am very disappointed on how she could show herself to the public! Not to mention the fact that she can't even manage her own family, how could anyone trust her to handle the whole country!?!

  5. I think saying she can't manage her family is going a bit far. Just because her daughter was careless doesn't mean the parents are at fault. I agree with the comment you made about her show though. It doesn't make her look any smarter and hopefully doesn't make her popular with the people watching the show.