Sunday, April 3, 2011

King of Comb-Over runs for President of U.S.?

          The Republican Party is a little worried. So far, there doesn’t appear to be any solid candidate or power duo set up for the campaign trail. With the country split in two and the Democratic Party suffering from severe popularity issues, America needs a hero. And that hero is (drum roll, please) … Donald Trump! Wait a second; am I missing something here?

          Trump, a.k.a. the prototypical old, rich, white man, has considered giving his enormously successful reign as a realty mogul a break to run in the 2012 Presidential Elections. As farfetched as it may seem, Facebook pages and other internet fan pages are already popping up in support of Trump. Many are arguing that a man such as Trump, with his extensive business history and ability to dig himself out of financial holes, could be exactly the man America needs to figure out this financial crisis.

          Trump himself argues the same point. He has also spoken on live television shows demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate, and hinting that it may say that he is a Muslim. Whether Trump is being serious or trying to get media attention isn’t known. Needless to say, extreme statements get extreme attention, which may be Trump’s underlying motive.

          Trump pulled similar stunts in the 1988 and 2000 Presidential Elections. In both of those cases, he released books around the same time that he announced he was considering candidacy. Both books sold very well. More recently, Trump’s show “Celebrity Apprentice” has done exceptionally well in the ratings, leaving some to wonder if this whole “president” game of his isn’t just an attempt at shameless self-promotion.

          So, will Trump be running for President? Will he be the man to dig our country out of this deep financial hole? Will “Wear Your Hair like Trump Day” be a national holiday in years to come? Chances are – no, but then again, the world is supposed to end in 2012…

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