Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Get Mike Dargatis's Vote: A Young Voter Manifesto

In order for one of this year’s presidential candidates to receive my vote, there are several issues and core beliefs I would like for them to focus on. Being a young voter, and this being the first election I’m really involved in, I’d like the candidate that will be receiving my vote to follow certain guidelines that are important to me.

The number one quality I look for in a candidate, regardless of issues, is being relatable. I want a candidate that I feel has my best interests in mind, for the reason that they can understand where people like me are coming from. I also want my candidate to be for the common man, not a typical wealthy politician who is not very concerned with the common man.

As for issues for this upcoming election, there are a few that concern me as a young voter.


Obviously as a college student close to graduation, I am concerned about the job market upon entering the work force. With unemployment at such a high rate, and young college graduates not getting jobs at this time, I need a candidate who will make sure young college students will have a better chance at a good job upon graduation.

Student Loans/Federal Aid

Another important issue for young collegiate voters is concerning the incredibly high amount of money students have to owe upon graduation. I want a candidate who is concerned about these high amounts of money students are owing, and who will fight to produce a more efficient system for people to go to college affordably.


Obviously, the economy as a whole is one of the primary issues in this year’s election. Our nation is currently in an unstable state as for as economics goes, so I need a candidate who is focused on turning the country around to reach prosperity once again.

Mike Dargatis
Communication Studies
Wilkes 2013

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