Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get My Vote, Go Green

When I look at a candidate running for President I look for many things, character, policies, and  how well he or she conducts themselves in their public and private lives. These are general things I consider when casting my vote, but one that sticks out to me more than the others is where a candidate stands on the environment and green energy. I think this topic is vastly over looked in this particular election so far. The problems we have with the environment, gas prices, and even electrical power are not going away, they are getting worse, and I think that a candidate running for President should really give this subject their full attention.

Going further into why going green and helping the environment is important, is the fact that if we fix this problem it can help start to fix the rest of the problems in this country. For example, gas prices are only getting higher, and because of this all other items such as food, toys, and the like are all going up in price as well. This is due to the fact that in order for the food and the toys to get to retailers, trucks and other forms of transportation have to get the products to the stores and what does the transportation run on? Gas.

I think a candidate should have a policy that helps fund alternative fuels for automobiles. There are already ideas out there on how to make a alternative fuel car or truck, they just need funding to jump start production. With that funding the alternative fuel industry will grow and with this growth a steady stream of jobs will bloom. Providing more jobs will then help the economy get back to were it should be, at the top leading the world.

I mentioned before that, our country would use more electrical supply, and a way to go about that is clean energy, like wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and many others. If our country needs more power we do not need more coal powered energy plants, spewing harmful gases into our atmosphere, we need a clean source of power that won't effect nature in anyway. Again I think that the government should start funding of clean energy, giving people money that want to put solar panels on their house or a wind turbine in their backyard, making going green easier on the wallets of people. Doing the same thing for power plants that want to produce cleaner energy as well. If we get more power in this country electricity bills will decrease significantly, or better yet not exist at all because you are powering your own home. Even better still, say it takes 1000watts to power your home, your wind turbine in your backyard is producing 1200watts, which means you have 200 watts to sell to the electric company for a little bit of profit.

Andrew Grandinetti
Communication Studies
Wilkes 2013

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  1. It is totally unreal that the leaders of the world aren't focusing on this issue more. It should be right up there with economic policy. Ridiculous.